About us

All professional services under one umbrella.

RoziHub is an online app that helps you find the ‘RIGHT PERSON’ for the ‘RIGHT JOB’. Be it a specialist, professional or technician we have experts from every field and profession.

All we ask from you is to complete a simple registration process on our website or app and voila! Your laundry is done, your salon comes at your doorstep, the courier guy won’t make you chase him for weeks and above all, you no longer worry about what’s for dinner. We are not done yet, we’ll also help you find your next plumber, electrician, gardener, tutor, carpenter, painter and the list growing as we speak!

We’ll keep you busy with work – Lots of it!

RoziHub is an online portal where professionals can register themselves through an easy process. Once the verification and due-diligence is completed by RoziHub compliance department, the professional profile and details will go live on www.RoziHub.com. The registration fee is nominal. Once the professional’s profile is live then he/she will have the liberty to either go for monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription packages or they can work with RoziHub on success fee basis where they have to share a small portion of their revenues once they get the assignment/work.

Getting things done has never been easier.

The app allows clients to independently find specialist as per their requirement or need. They can also use a special service where clients only need to leave their name and phone number, and the professionals matching the client’s needs would contact them directly.

Only registered and verified specialists or professionals will receive orders.

‘There are no registration charges'. You’ll only pay for the services you avail.

What’s in it for you

We provide:

  • Virtual office for every professional with an exclusive RoziHub Registration Number.
  • RoziHub certification for registered professionals.
  • Flexible working hours, professionals can work as per their availability.
  • Training and workshops for professionals at a nominal fee.
  • Unlimited business/earning opportunities.

Get started here

  • Online registration on our website:- www.rozihub.com
  • Direct registration through our sales team/agents.

Share your information here, including your qualification, preferred work location, experience.You can share a detailed description of your business, upload your logo, your certificates, photos and the like. In the personal virtual office, you can specify working hours, the cost of services, as well as the recommendations and reviews from previous clients.

Let’s get to know each other

RoziHub is promoted by GlobalPact International holding, a multinational group having presence in India, South Africa, Europe and the USA. The holding group is working into diversified sectors varying from financial services to real estate development, project management and engineering, media and advertising, IT and software development, international trading etc.

We make friends everywhere!

Professionals and experts from all walks of life are hopping on the RoziHub bandwagon. If you have expertise in any of these fields, you are our GUY or GAL!

We are a social bunch and we’d love to hear from you, reach out to us on info@rozihub.com or call us at

Home tutors
AC mechanic & services
CAs, CSs
Computer instructors
Doctors, physiotherapist
Real Estate Agents
Interior designers
Secretarial services
Academic Writers
Security personnel
Fashion designers
House cleaning agencies
Advertising & marketing
Dry Cleaners
Accountants Directors
Creative director
Cloth washers
Plumbers & Sanitary experts

Let’s get busy RoziHub style!